Custom Wire & Cable
Specialty - OEM, Flexible or Static,
Wire and Cable Systems:
• Low Voltage Control & Power
• Interconnections
• Remote Slave Circuits
  • Multi-function, multi conductor, high flex, long life; power, signal and control services
  • Local and remote electrical feed systems for all types of Electrical-Mechanical interfaces
  • Extension circuits
  • Coaxial power circuits
  • Insulated or Bare Conductors: Copper content/area is available in various sizes of fine stranded copper wires. Construction provides long life functionality to multi-conductor, coaxial wound cable configurations with a single or multiple gage (mm2) sizes. You can target a wide range of current capabilities yielding cost and efficiency per design.

    Leads can be insulated with EBT proprietary blend of polyethylene, cross linked (thermal set) by a high energy electron beam. The resultant polymer exposure increases melt resistance, and provides increased resistance to chemical attack while increasing dielectric strength. Many lead combinations can be accommodated.
  • Construction: Various pitch lengths can be achieved accommodating cost vs life and flexibility. Wire or cable requiring extended life or greater flexibility utilize high strand counts and can be made with a central core containing various conductive or non-conductive members of special design. The central core of most constructions may be made using a single or dual layer fillers of synthetic or natural materials. Conductive members may be made using rope style construction reducing OD and increasing tensile strength while maintaining conductivity.
  • Isolation Layer: A woven or non-woven fabric material may be applied between the leads and the outer jacket (sheath). This layer of synthetic film or various materials acting as an isolation barrier, RF shield or reinforcement between the outer jacket and inner members. Construction can be made with or without such isolation layers.
  • Outer Jacket (Sheath): Many polymers are available providing long life and durability in an outer jacket. Our most popular jacket is a proprietary synthetic polymer blend developed by Electron Beam Technologies specifically to provide abrasion and heat resistance taking advantage of the electron beam cross linking process. Consideration is always given to all physical requirements; high and low temperature resistance, tensile strength, abrasion and flex life.
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