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1/2-1/4 Reducer Bushing (A-1878)

Anti-Friction Conduit (DISCONTINUED)

Big Blue PE Bayonet (A-1962-2)
Big Blue PE Conduit (A-2051)
Blue PE Bayonet (A-1962-1)
Blue PE Bayonet with Nylon Insert (A-2258)
Blue PE Compression Bayonet Assy. (A-1975)
Blue PE Conduit (A-2050)
Blue PE Connector Bayonet (A-1656-2)
Blue PE Compression Nut (A-1864-2)
Blue PE Ferrule (A-1974)
Bulk Head Mounting Block (A-1825)
Bulk Welding Electrode Pay-Out Systems (Round)

Bulk Welding Electrode Pay-Out Systems (Square)
Bushing Kit - Six Bushings (A-1517-0)
   7/8” O.D. Bushing (A-1517-4)
   3/4” O.D. Bushing (A-1517-2)
   11/16” O.D. Bushing (A-1517-6)
   5/8” O.D. Bushing (A-1517-3)
   1/2” O.D. Bushing (A-1517-1)
   15/32” O.D. Bushing (A-1517-5)

Conduit & Connectors
Conduit Clamps
Conduit Liner Systems
Connectors: Conduit
Connectors: Pay-Out
Connectors: Wire Feed

Coupler Mounting Block (A-1824)

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Dome Connector Inlet Nut (A-1664)
Dome Connector Kit (A-1826)
Dome Conector Kit with Nylon Insert (A-2332)
Dome Connector Washer Kit (A-2028)
Drum Easy (A-2323)
Dura-Domes® (Round)
Dura-Domes® (Box)  
Dura-Dome® 20” (A-1669)
Dura-Dome® 23” (A-1688)
Dura-Dome® 26” (A-1942)

Dura-Dome® "B" 500 (A-3243)
Dura-Dome® "B" 1000 (A-3244)
Dura-Dome® Black PE 20” (A-2000)

Easy Balance (A-1937)
ERC® Bayonet (A-1518)
ERC® Conduit (A-2048)
ERC® Connector (A-1829)
ERC® Connector & Bayonet (A-2056)

ERC® Compression Nut (A-1866)
ERC® Ferrule (A-1865)
ERC-HD® Conduit (A-2049)
ERC-HD® Connector (A-1830)
ERC-HD® Connector & Bayonet (A-2083)
ERC-HD® Compression Nut (A-1868)
ERC-HD® Ferrule (A-1867)

Flap Kit - [All Dura-Dome® Models] (A-2027)
Fiber Drum Reference Chart

Hook Easy (A-2325)

Instant Adhesive (A-1876)

Lift Easy (A-2324)
Liner Stop (A-1662)

Nylon Liner (A-1874)

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QCA Adaptor (A-1985)
QCA Adaptor Kit (A-1827-1)
QCA Adaptor Kit Bushing Sizes
QCA Adaptor Kit with Nylon Insert (A-2328)
QCA Adaptor with Nylon Insert (A-2327)

QCA Adaptor Tube (A-1489-1)
QCA M-R115 Adaptor Kit with Nylon Insert (A-2329)
QCA M-R115 Adaptor Kit (A-1827-3)
QCA M-R115 Adaptor Kit Bushing Sizes
QCB Bulk Head Connector (A-1823)
QCB Bulk Head Connector with Nylon Insert

QCC® Bulk Conduit 90' (A-2046)
QCC® Compression Nut (A-1863)
QCC® Conduit
QCC® Conduit Clamp - 1/2 (A-1939-1/2)
QCC® Conduit Clamp - 5/8 (A-1939-5/8)
QCC® Conduit Clamp - 3/4 (A-1939-3/4)

QCC® Connector (A-1831)
QCC® Connector Bayonet (A-1645)
QCC® Coupler (A-1810)
QCC® Coupler with Nylon Insert (A-2333)
QCC® Ferrule (A-1646)
QCC® Lincoln® #10 Bayonet (A-1886)
QCC® Lincoln® #10 Bayonet with Ceramic Insert   (A-2265)
QCC® Lincoln® #10 Bayonet with Nylon Insert

QCC® Lincoln® #10 Connector (A-1791)
QCC® Lincoln® #10 Connector with   Ceramic Insert (A-2263)
QCC® Lincoln® #10 Connector with Nylon Insert

QCC-HD® Bulk Conduit 90' (A-2047)
QCC-HD® Compression Nut (A-1864-1)
QCC-HD® Conduit
QCC-HD® Connector (A-1832)
QCC-HD® Connector Bayonet (A-1656-1)
QCC-HD® Ferrule (A-1657)
QCC-R® Conduit (A-2052)
QCC-R® Connector (A-2883)
QCC-R® Ferrule (A-2981)
QCF Connector (A-1685)
QCF Connector, 3/8-24 (A-1858)
QCF Hobart® Connector, 1/2-20 (A-1683)
QCF Metric Connector, M14x1 (A-1684)
QCF OTC® Connector, 7/16-20 (A-1748)
QCF Panasonic® Connector, 9/16-18 (A-1682)
QCI Insulator (A-1811-1)
QCM-1/4 Connector (A-1686)
QCM-1/4 Connector with Nylon Insert (A-2255)
QCM-1/2 Connector (A-1828)
QCM - 1/2 Connector with Nylon Insert (A-2253)
QCM Hobart® 2400 Connector (A-1883)

QCM Hobart® 2400 Connector with Nylon Insert

QCM OTC® "S" Connector (A-2099)
QCM OTC® "S" Connector with Nylon Insert

QCM OTC® Connector (A-2095)
QCM OTC® Connector with Nylon Insert (A-2260)
QCM Panasonic® Connector (A-2097)
QCM Panasonic® Connector with Nylon Insert

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Replacement Parts

Straight ‘N Easy® Heavy-Duty Wire Straightener

Straight ‘N Easy® Wire Straightener (A-1932)
Straightener Coupler Bushing (A-1946)
Straightener Plate (A-1951)
Straightener Roll Kit (A-1986)
Straightener Slide (A-1950)
Straightener Spring (A-1952)

Strain Relief (12”) (A-1873-2)
Strain Relief (48”) (A-1873-1)

Teflon Liner (A-1875)

Wire Feed Connectors
Wire Feed Connectors: For Aluminum
Wire Feed Reference Guide

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A-1489 - A-1688
A-1489-1 (QCA Adaptor Tube)
A-1517-0 (Bushing Kit - Six Bushings)
A-1517-1 (1/2” O.D. Bushing )
A-1517-2 (3/4” O.D. Bushing)
A-1517-3 (5/8” O.D. Bushing)
A-1517-4 (7/8” O.D. Bushing)
A-1517-5 (15/32” O.D. Bushing)
A-1517-6 (11/16” O.D. Bushing)

A-1518 (ERC® Bayonet)
A-1645 (QCC® Connector Bayonet)
A-1646 (QCC® Ferrule)
A-1656-2 (Blue PE Connector Bayonet)
A-1657 (QCC-HD® Ferrule)
A-1662 (Liner Stop)
A-1664 (Dome Connector Inlet Nut)
A-1669(Dura-Dome® 20”)
A-1682 (QCF Panasonic® Connector, 9/16-18)
A-1683 (QCF Hobart® Connector, 1/2-20)
A-1684 (QCF Metric Connector, M14x1)
A-1685 (QCF Connector)
A-1686 (QCM-1/4 Connector)
A-1688 (Dura-Dome® 23”)

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A-1748 - A-1886
A-1748 (QCF OTC® Connector, 7/16-20)
A-1791 (QCC® Lincoln® #10 Connector)
A-1810 (QCC® Coupler)
A-1811-1 (QCI Insulator)
A-1823 (QCB Bulk Head Connector)
A-1824 (Coupler Mounting Block)
A-1825 (Bulk Head Mounting Block)
A-1826 (Dome Connector Kit)
A-1827-1 (QCA Adaptor Kit)
A-1827-3 (QCA M-R115 Adaptor Kit)
A-1828 (QCM-1/2 Connector)
A-1829 (ERC® Connector)
A-1830 (ERC-HD® Connector)
A-1831 (QCC® Connector)
A-1832 (QCC-HD® Connector)
A-1858 (QCF Connector, 3/8-24)
A-1863 (QCC® Compression Nut)
A-1864-1 (QCC-HD® Compression Nut)
A-1864-2 (Blue PE Compression Nut)
A-1865 (ERC® Ferrule)
A-1866 (ERC® Compression Nut)
A-1867 (ERC-HD® Ferrule)
A-1868 (ERC-HD® Compression Nut)
A-1873-1 (Strain Relief 48”)
A-1873-2 (Strain Relief 12”)

A-1874 (Nylon Liner)
A-1875 (Teflon Liner)
A-1876 (Instant Adhesive)
A-1878 (1/2-1/4 Reducer Bushing)
A-1883 (QCM Hobart® 2400 Connector)
A-1886 (QCC® Lincoln® #10 Bayonet)

A-1932 - A-3244
A-1932 (Straight ‘N Easy® Wire Straightener)
A-1937 (Easy Balance)
A-1939-1/2 (QCC® Conduit Clamp - 1/2)
A-1939-5/8 (QCC® Conduit Clamp - 5/8)
A-1939-3/4 (QCC® Conduit Clamp - 3/4)

A-1942 (Dura-Dome® 26”)
A-1950 (Straightener Slide)
A-1951 (Straightener Plate)
A-1952 (Straightener Spring)

A-1962-1 (Blue PE Bayonet)
A-1962-2 (Big Blue PE Bayonet)
A-1974 (Blue PE Ferrule)
A-1975 (Blue PE Compression Bayonet Assembly)
A-1985 (QCA Adaptor)
A-1986 (Straightener Roll Kit)
A-2000 (Dura-Dome® Black PE 20”)
A-2025 (Dura-Dome® 500) Replaced by A-3243
A-2027 (Flap Kit)
A-2028 (Dome Connector Washer Kit)
A-2046 (QCC® Bulk Conduit 90’)
A-2047 (QCC-HD® Bulk Conduit 90’)

A-2048 (ERC® Conduit)
A-2049 (ERC-HD® Conduit)

A-2050 (Blue PE Conduit)
A-2051 (Big Blue PE Conduit)

A-2052 (QCC-R® Conduit)
A-2056 (ERC® Connector & Bayonet)
A-2083 (ERC-HD® Connector & Bayonet)
A-2095 (QCM OTC® Connector)
A-2097 (QCM Panasonic® Connector)
A-2099 (QCM OTC® "S" Connector)
A-2251 (Straight ‘N Easy® Heavy-Duty Wire

A-2253 (QCM - 1/2 Connector with Nylon Insert)
A-2255 (QCM - 1/4 Connector with Nylon Insert)
A-2256 (QCM Hobart® 2400 Connector with Nylon   Insert)
A-2257 (QCC® Lincoln® #10 Bayonet with Nylon   Insert)
A-2258 Blue PE Bayonet with Nylon Insert

A-2259 (QCM OTC® "S" Connector with Nylon Insert)
A-2260 (QCM OTC® Connector with Nylon Insert)
A-2261 (QCM Panasonic® Connector with Nylon   Insert)
A-2263 (QCC® Lincoln® #10 Connector with Ceramic

A-2265 (QCC® Lincoln® #10 Bayonet with Ceramic Insert)
A-2279 (QCC® Lincoln® #10 Connector with Nylon   Insert)
A-2323 (Drum Easy)
A-2324 (Lift Easy)
A-2325 (Hook Easy)
A-2327 (QCA Adaptor with Nylon Insert)
A-2328 (QCA Adaptor Kit with Nylon Insert)
A-2329 (QCA M-R115 Adaptor Kit with Nylon Insert)

(QCB Bulk Head Connector with Nylon Insert)
A-2332 (Dome Connector Kit with Nylon Insert)
A-2333 (QCC® Coupler with Nylon Insert)
A-2883 (QCC-R® Connector)
A-2981 (QCC-RŪ Ferrule)
A-3243 (Dura-Dome "B" 500)

A-3244 (Dura-Dome "B" 1000)

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AFC-48 (AFC Conduit 4 ft.)
AFC-48N (AFC Aluminum Conduit 4 ft.)
AFC-120 (AFC Conduit 10 ft.)
AFC-120N (AFC Aluminum Conduit 10 ft.)
AFC-240 (AFC Conduit 20 ft.)
AFC-240N (AFC Aluminum Conduit 20 ft.)
AFC-300 (AFC Conduit 25 ft.)
AFC-300N (AFC Aluminum Conduit 25 ft.)
AFC-360 (AFC Conduit 30 ft.)
AFC-360N (AFC Aluminum Conduit 30 ft.)
AFC-600 (AFC Conduit 50 ft.)
AFC-600N (AFC Aluminum Conduit 50 ft.)
AFC-900 (AFC Conduit 75 ft.)
AFC-900N (AFC Aluminum Conduit 75 ft.)
AFC-1200 (AFC Conduit 100 ft.)
AFC-1200N (AFC Aluminum Conduit 100 ft.)

QCC 24 (QCC® Conduit 24”)
QCC 30 (QCC® Conduit 30”)
QCC 36 (QCC® Conduit 36”)
QCC 48 (QCC® Conduit 48”)
QCC 60 (QCC® Conduit 60”)
QCC 72 (QCC® Conduit 72”)
QCC 84 (QCC® Conduit 84”)
QCC 96 (QCC® Conduit 96”)
QCC 108 (QCC® Conduit 108”)
QCC 120 (QCC® Conduit 120”)
QCC 144 (QCC® Conduit 144”)
QCC 180 (QCC® Conduit 180”)
QCC 240 (QCC® Conduit 240”)
QCC 300 (QCC® Conduit 300”)
QCC-HD 72 (QCC-HD® Conduit 72”)
QCC-HD 84 (QCC-HD® Conduit 84”)
QCC-HD 96 (QCC-HD® Conduit 96”)
QCC-HD 108 (QCC-HD® Conduit 108”)
QCC-HD 120 (QCC-HD® Conduit 120”)
QCC-HD 144 (QCC-HD® Conduit 144”)
QCC-HD 180 (QCC-HD® Conduit 180”)
QCC-HD 240 (QCC-HD® Conduit 240”)
QCC-HD 300 (QCC-HD® Conduit 300”)

QCC-R 24 (QCC-R® Conduit 24")
QCC-R 30 (QCC-R® Conduit 30")
QCC-R 36 (QCC-R® Conduit 36")
QCC-R 48 (QCC-R® Conduit 48")
QCC-R 60 (QCC-R® Conduit 60")
QCC-R 72 (QCC-R® Conduit 72")
QCC-R 84 (QCC-R® Conduit 84")
QCC-R 96 (QCC-R® Conduit 96")
QCC-R 108 (QCC-R® Conduit 108")
QCC-R 120 (QCC-R® Conduit 120")
QCC-R 144 (QCC-R® Conduit 144")
QCC-R 180 (QCC-R® Conduit 180")
QCC-R 240 (QCC-R® Conduit 240")
QCC-R 300 (QCC-R® Conduit 300")




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