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Standard Conduit
Electron Beam’s QCC-R® (Radius Duty) is an extremely flexible conduit which combines the reliability of a steel monocoil core with the flexibility of an unreinforced conduit system. It is ideal for applications where a tight bend is necessary, such as in the interior of an articulating arm and confined booms. They have limited stretch and are electrically insulated.
Manufactured in 100’ (30.48m) lengths, the conduit may be cut during installation with an abrasive saw to the desired length. Field termination is accomplished with the QCC® Connector, providing quick connection to all QCC® Connectors and Adaptor Kits. The conduit can also be furnished cut to any length under 100’.
QCC-R® Conduit:
Recommended for delivery of solid welding electrodes up to .045” (1.2mm) diameter. Larger electrodes are applicable, depending on the bend radius, number of bends, and feeder power. Although the QCC-R® Conduit may be bent into a very tight radius, to maintain quality performance, it is not recommended to bend it less than a 6” (15.3cm) radius.

QCC Connector
QCC-R® Connector
To Terminate QCC-R® Connectors:
Cut end of conduit evenly. Deburr ID and OD. Slide the nut and ferrule over the jacketing, positioning as shown. Slide the end of the conduit fully into the threaded end of the bayonet. Tighten nut fully, compressing ferrule into the outer jacket. For extra hold, a small amount of adhesive may be applied to the jacket only, about 1” from the end prior to tightening the nut.
QCC Compression Nut, Ferrule, Bayonet

QCC-R® Connector:  It consists of a Ferrule, Compression Nut, and Bayonet.

QCC-R® Connector
QCC-R® Conduits
QCC-R® Ferrule
  QCC-R® Connector
Strain Relief (12”) (optional)
All Conduits
  Strain Relief (48”) (optional)
  All Conduits
Instant Adhesive (optional)
All QCC-R® Conduits
  QCI Insulator (optional)
  All QC Connectors
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QCCR Conduit with optional connector

Round Wire Monocoil Core
The monocoil core is reinforced by a tightly extruded polyester coating which reduces monocoil stretch while maintaining flexibility. The high carbon round wire metal coiled core provides greater flexibility while maintaining resistance to wear and corrosion.
QCC-R® Conduit is insulated with “POLY-XL®”, Electron Beam’s cross-linked proprietary blend of synthetic rubber. This elastomer is co-extruded with the inner polyester reinforcement to provide an abrasion and tear-resistant jacket, while resisting high heat of the welding environment.
198” (5.0mm) I.D
510” (13mm) O.D.
24" (0.61m)
QCC-R 24
30" (0.76m)
QCC-R 30
36" (0.91m)
QCC-R 36
48" (1.22m)
QCC-R 48
60" (1.52m)
QCC-R 60
72" (1.83m)
QCC-R 72
84" (2.13m)
QCC-R 84
96" (2.44m)
QCC-R 96
108" (2.74m)
QCC-R 108
120" (3.05m)
QCC-R 120
144" (3.66m)
QCC-R 144
180" (4.57m)
QCC-R 180
240" (6.10m)
QCC-R 240
300" (7.62m)
QCC-R 300
100’ (30.48m)
QCC-R Bulk 100'
Note: Non-standard lengths of OCC® Conduit with swaged-on bayonets and bulk lengths may be special ordered.
EBT Catalog

Add a Strain Relief & QCI Insulator:
Strain Relief Installed on QCCHD Conduit Strain Relief Uninstalled QCI Insulator Uninstalled

A Strain Relief reinforces heavily flexed areas of the conduit and terminations where repetitive flexing may be an issue. Strain Relief may be factory installed or added during your installation and is available in a 1-3/32” (27.7mm) I.D. x 12” (0.3m) and 48” (1.21m) lengths.

Slide the QCI Insulator over any exposed metal connection to reduce the possibility of short circuits and shock hazards.
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