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Note: All EBT Bayonets (male) quick connect into all (female) Connectors and Adaptors.

QCA Adaptor Kit
Ref. No.: A-1827-1
Universal Adaptor Kit fits most U.S. wire feeders, 3/8” 9.5mm) to 7/8” (22mm) inlet sizes x 2-11/16” (6.8cm) long.
QCA Adaptor Kit
  Bushing Diameters

QCA Adaptor
Ref. No.: A-1985
Feeders with 3/8” (9.5mm)
I.D. inlet x 2-11/16” (6.8cm) long.
QCA Adaptor

QCA M-R115 Adaptor Kit
Ref. No.: A-1827-3
Miller R115 Feeders or feeders requiring an extended guide tube; 3/8” (9.5mm) to 7/8” (22mm) inlet sizes x 4-7/16” (11.2cm) long.
QCA M-R115 Adaptor Kit
  Bushing Diameters
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QCC® Lincoln
#10 Connector
Ref. No.: A-1791
Lincoln® #10 Series wire feeders; fits into 1-1/4” (31.7mm) diameter.
QCC Lincoln #10 Connector
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QCM - 1/4 Connector
Ref. No.: A-1686
Feeders with 1/4” NPT
female inlet.
QCM 1/4 Connector
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QCM - 1/2 Connector
Ref. No.: A-1828
Feeders with 1/2” NPT female inlet.
QCM 1/2 Connector
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QCM Hobart® 2400
Ref. No.: A-1883
Hobart® or equal with
3/4”-16 female inlet.
QCM Hobart 2400 Conector
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QCB Bulk Head
Ref. No.: A-1823

Feeders with 1/2”-20 female inlet;  Custom adaptations.

QCB Bulk Head Connector
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QCF Connector
Ref. No.: A-1685

Feeders with 1/4” NPT male inlet.

QCF Connector
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QCF Connector, 3/8-24
Ref. No.: A-1858

Feeders with 3/8”-24 male inlet.

QCF Connector, 3/8-24
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QCF OTC® Connector,
Ref. No.: A-1748

OTC® or equal with 7/16”-20 male inlet.

QCF OTC Connector, 7/16-20
  QCM OTC® Connector
Ref. No.: A-2095

OTC® or equal needing the male inlet guide or 14mm (.55") inlet; shank length 39.7mm (1-9/16") up to 2mm (5/64") electrode.

QCM OTC Connector

  QCM OTC® "S" Connector
Ref. No.: A-2099

OTC® wire straightener or equal requiring 7/16-20 male threads x 8mm (5/16") long up to 2mm (5/64") electrode.

QCM OTC S Connector

QCF Hobart® Connector,
Ref. No.: A-1683

Hobart® or equal with 1/2”-20 male inlet.

QCF Hobart Connector, 1/2-20

QCF Metric Connector,
Ref. No.: A-1684

Feeders with M14x1 male inlet.

QCF Metric Connector, M14x1

QCF Panasonic®
  Connector, 9/16-18
Ref. No.: A-1682

Panasonic® or equal with 9/16"-18 male inlet.

QCF Panasonic Connector, 9/16-18

QCM Panasonic®
  Connector, M14x2
Ref. No.: A-2097

Panasonic® or equal needing M14 x 2 male threads or inlet diameter of 14mm (.551"); shank length 42.7mm (1-53/64") up to 2.4mm (3/32") electrode.

QCM Panasonic Connector

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